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Indian Retd. General G.D Bakshi cropped his one mustache in protest after Indian army humiliation and surrender to Chinese army in

I can’t believe they held off using this song until the sixth season!!

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Please keep streaming on yt bcs we have a goal to reach 100M views before X1 Debut Anniversary on 27 Aug 2020..thanks to for lead this stream project & thanks to all One It who support & stream Flash

🔄KARA TAPS INTO THE SPEEDFORCE (NON-CANON) The flash is one of my fav DC heroes! - Decided to get on photoshop and create Kara's own speed force for funsies :-) If Kara tapped into the speedforce, her color would be a light blue

Remember when came out and it was a joke because the browser didn’t support ? Lol

📍 Progress Report Thank you to all OneIts who are streaming with us this week. We have reached 100K twice in a row! With this, we will slowly raise up the bar to reach our goal. Our YT Ads have also started to pick up. Let’s keep the momentum, One It!

: Shawall Moon Sighted Across Indian Cities, Eid-ul-Fitr To Be Celebrated On Tommorow.

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April 8: 71 million April 26: 72 million (18 days) May 11 : 73 million (15 days) May 23: 74 million (12 days) May 31 (let's claim it!): 75 million (8 days) Keep streaming , oneits!

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