Down 29.3 lbs total! I see a little difference but nothing major yet. Only 14 lbs more to go until my major goal!

Saturday musings, and I having a chilled day after doing our workouts, supporting each other in our and also being each others rock! Also fluffy socks in June, really?

Saturday run completed. It's been a while I last did half marathon. Im slowly getting back to my full fitness

Week two run two complete. I see improvement with each run. I’m learning things too. (Run training from ) 🙌🏼

Just went for my first run since having Covid. My chest/lungs no longer feel like fire... but I’m still very unfit😅 🏃🏻‍♂️

If you're in need of a trainer in the DFW metroplex look no further I can create a workout and meal plan specifically for your needs feel free to DM me

Either you run the day or the day runs you. Irrelevant quote but just wanted to share this pic.

Full Body Fitness, 28 Days Challenge, Week 1 Day 1 video, Man & Women Challenge

Went on my first walk/jog in a while. Each day I will get stronger and go a little farther 💕

Good to be back training after having 6 months off due to having an injury.

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