My wife instructing a fitness group workout in Dallas. This was a year ago. I’m so proud of her.

12 hr shift finished 1 1/2 hrs late . 2100 - 2200 ,, , reward yourself with an day

Sometime we don’t do it for the health benefits or fitness,sometime we just do it for the therapy

With everything being postponed, should I compete this yr or just get bigger and go All out next yr? 🤔

Happy Friday!! We’ve got three choices in life: give up, give in, or give it all you’ve got!

☮️😺 to 2 years ago when I felt better. Shoulder injury and prolonged stress can take it's toll on a person.

No idea what this plant is behind me but all the neighbors come by and say it’s a beauty

Happy Thursday 🤗 No make up, no work, no stress - just lazy vibes, no regrets, i need it 🌸🙆🏼‍♀️🌞

🔆 Wake the sun; drink the coffee. Hey...that passion & consistency looks good on you! 💋 Hustle & heart for the win!

Tuesday’s are run days, and today is extra special cause I also started the 28-Day Shred . I’ll have to modify the plank/arm workouts (bad shoulder FTL 😓), but everything else it was good!

5 miles completed. Great run! Very hot though! AM session is done. PM session after dinner 👊

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