We did it! Thanks to everyone who signed! The proposal to list Mako Sharks under CITES Appendix II was adopted after a 102-40 vote YES. Pending finalization of appendix changes, these Cheetahs of the Ocean are protected. If you haven’t yet, vote:

Fiji joins 🇨🇦 as the next country to ban the import and export of fin. What Rob started over a decade ago has reached full momentum!!!!! 👊🏻 💙🦈

The movement is spreading around the world as media outlets globally pick up the story. First 🇨🇦 and then the 🌎!

Proud of Canada for being the first G20 country to ban the horrific shark fin trade. Way to go 🇨🇦!

Tonight Canada banned the import and export of shark fins with passage of Bill C-68. We can thank conservationist and filmmaker Rob Stewart, whose passion for sharks and our marine environment was the driving force behind And thanks Wendy for always pushing me on this!

Canada now is !!! The first country to ban the import & export of shark fins. What a great day to honor Rob's memory.

WOOHOOO!!! YES!!! AMAZING NEWS!!! @theseachangeagency We did it! Canada just banned the import & export of shark fins! Rob Stewart dreamed of a Canada and it came true!!! Woohoo!!!

Thanks to Rob Stewart starting the movement, over 150 million people live in a place where fin is illegal. Now, we may be adding another 9 million to that number! New Jersey bill moves to the state legislature! Come on NJ!

is bringing massive awareness to the issues facing . More than 1/3 of the shark fins for sale in Toronto tested as part of our 🇨🇦 campaign come from Cites protected endangered species! Outrageous. Learn more:

IF YOU DONT LIVE YOURE A FUCKING MONSTER. SORRY I DONT MAKE THE RULES Also, the oceans create more oxygen than every rainforest on earth put together & sharks are what keep the ocean regulated (bc they’re apex predators) SO IF YOU KILL THE SHARKS, YOURE KILLING YOURSELF

We did it! Proof 1 person can make a huge difference in the world! 🌎 Join the movement started & bring about more change! See in theaters, get inspired then get out there and fight for what you 💙.

BREAKING: After years of campaigning on shark protection by , & our wildlife allies, to End Trade of Shark Fins clears the Senate by overwhelming majority and now moves to the House of Commons. We’re halfway there!

Up to 100 million sharks are killed annually for their fins and meat. .pugh at the International Wildlife Trade Conference @veterans4wildlife

Please don't support the Hong Kong trade. - please do the right thing and make sure your partners are . Cut your ties with Maxim and anyone else contributing to the demise of , the and our future. please!

We'd like to express a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you wonderful, inspiring, passionate people who came to SharkFest 2018! Together we can and will create a better future for our oceans 🐙👫🐟 👭🦈 👬 🐢

First look at the teaser video from “Sharkwater: Extinction” Rob spent tireless days filming, diving, writing and educating, and thanks to , his vision is now a reality. Sharkwater: Extinction. Coming Fall 2018

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