Do you remember these Filipino chocolates? What was your most favourite? Pick one!

Welcome back, thanks so much to customer cmusngi for sharing this yummy Facebook photo of her purchase of 81-year-old Cafe's Ube Kababayan bread. "Kababayan" is or word for…

Honorable Rodante D. is a lawyer and politician. He is currently serving as a Congressman who won as nominee of Social Amelioration and Genuine Intervention on Poverty (SAGIP) Partylist in the May 13, 2019 election.

Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month Spotlight: Sgt. Maria Bendele w/ 1AD Sustainment. Sgt. Bendele is Chamorro/Filipina and is proud of her heritage! 🇬🇺🇵🇭 I am glad I can represent my Pacific Islander culture in the US Military.

Yayyy! So proud and happy to be learning a new language. 😭🥰 ✏️ Going into my 3rd week 😬🥵 !

did you know there's a singer who goes by ? I mention you to my relatives and they get confused AF.

Now I love even more. Someone give the girl sweet chili sauce for the LUMPIA so she knows what it’s like to be ! #🇵🇭

Haven’t decided on a movie yet, but the dumpling soi mai is ready!

It's Friday and I'm stuck trying to figure out why is trending... either way, I'm sure many people around the world are just now discovering culture from this, and I'm not mad about it.

April was due to start working as a in , UK in March. After the Government banned overseas deployment during the pandemic, April is now “trapped” at home with no job and unable to help anybody. But why?

Calling expats in ! Plenty of great products from in stock, including Silver Swan soy sauce (38 MVR per bottle / 353 MVR case of 12)

Adapting these into my ASAP! "Wonderful With No English Equivalent" Fernweh (): a longing for distant places Gigil (): urge to squeeze irresistible cuteness ...and more!

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