Flowers are the music of the ground. From earth's lips spoken without sound.

Se de alguien que se lo va a pasar MUUUUUY bien este fin de semana... I know a boy who’s gonna have SO MUCH FUN this weekend... en Tarragona, Spain

This wonderful nightingale was greeting me today with a powerful and beautiful song. It is very relaxing to listen to those who tweet without Twitter. &

My Paddy(Rice) Farm. After Hardwork of monthes now and is making grains in plant. But now in last fear of Bihar Flood and Big loss.

We live in and surrounded by a beauty, we see it everyday but as humans we take everything for granted. When did you last time stop and smell the roses, feel the soft touch of the wind on your cheek, to watch and enjoy how the light goes through a green leaf 🍃

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