It is currently not easy for me to write a meaningful text for my photos. There is too much distraction these days ...

This week, our team helped commemorate the third 'Conservation Corner', a platform to share knowledge about and , and inspire the next generation. This year's topic focused on preserving forests, a fitting celebration on . 馃尦

Happy ! Did you know that are the most biologically-diverse ecosystems on land? We hope you continue to support our efforts to & forests in Riau, making them habitable for almost 800 of & !

~Wild Wednesday~ 'My Coyote Wolf Kin' -Artist Liliana G. age 14, pencil sketch- (CWC Canid Response Team Youth Volunteer) See Coyote Watch Canada's message to our universal community 鉃★笍

The birds of are enjoying todays cool morning! To maintain our strong community during the , we will be showcasing some of our & features via social media. Send your requests and will try to 鈥渆-spot鈥 them for you all :-)

Just for fun, here's some animal vocabulary in Syriac from Barhebraeus's (1225/6-1286) Laughable Stories (cited according to 搂搂 in Budge's ed)

Ernst Heinrich Haeckel鈥檚 Sublime of and : The Beautiful Drawings That Influenced Europe鈥檚 Movement (1889) .

鉁 Success: Mobile app Naturblick lets users record sounds & have the species identified, then share their recordings with projects like See the Case Study: .

Happy ! is home to countless of and 鈥 too many to even attempt counting. This rich is precisely what has made our inhabitable for all living creatures, including .

needs to implement programs to ensure the of endemic in since exotic species such as the boa imperator and the turtle have become a threat (via )

is an important factor shaping the ecological dynamics of the and of the Brazilian . In our study on a gallery , have slowly recovered their abundance and species richness after fire 馃摳:

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