Basketball is my life! To be successful as a player or run a successful program as a coach it requires hours upon hours. My Family has sacrificed the most. Even though we’re going through this crisis, it gives me valuable time with my loved ones who sacrifice the most!

New seed is in and the underground sprinkler system is up and going. Project done by Kustom Lawn & Landscape of Clifton. Pretty cool that all employees and owner are former Clifton-Clyde Eagle Football players.

We are so glad we got to take this picture after one of the games this season. The Morales family is REALLY missing coaching and the softball girls 💜🥎

Congrats to team for being good student athletes again this year!

With almost all biggest stars from Indian film industry in this video, Thalaivar only has a mass BGM and hero build-up kinda shot in this short film !!!🔥 Thalaivar poweru!!🔥🔥

Today we celebrate National STUDENT-Athlete Day! Although you miss playing, always remember you are a student first! 🐻🏀💜💛

Brendan Spillane #8 Clemson University "Brendan has been a tremendous resource this year. He has displayed the characteristics of selflessness & fortitude. He took it upon himself to stay after practice to work with the younger players bc he wants them to be successful.

It’s official: and I can now introduce you to our daughter. Tali was born on March 25 at 11:14 am. At 8:10 that night, we got the phone call telling us her Birthmom had chosen us for adoption.

Our program & our culture is only as strong as it’s people, & proud to be apart of our strength . From the unpaid interns to myself, it’s everybody embracing the idea of being comfortable being uncomfortable, constantly looking to grow, finding ways to get better daily.

Now, more than ever is as a good a time to let those U care about & love know how U feel about them. There’s no time to waste. Cherish what U have today

Great time this afternoon talking Hoops, Life, and sharing stories with Our Senior PurpleDogs! Never a dull moment when we get together! Miss being around these guys, but so Proud to have coached every one of them!

Drop your Twitter handle Let's follow you.. Gain with your replies , Retweets, Likes.. Share the Stallion Love 💖 & Gain with !!! 🐎

Feeling blessed - gifts & beautiful card delivered by Cara to my doorstep this morning. Such kindness & love during these tough times. 💕

Today is my Dad’s 60th birthday. He is a huge inspiration to me having been a Police Officer for 30 years, retiring as a Detective Inspector, and now has done over 10 years as Police Staff. Happy birthday Dad! Thanks for all you continue to do!

Signing off guys.Enjoying time.Have a wonderful evening !

I am so sorry to all those kids who were excited to showcase talent and represent their communities this spring in sports. I pray you find piece in all of this. Remember to control the things you are able to control and move past the things you cannot.

Some of our alums getting in on the zoom action. We love our alumni!

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