Decided to draw some of my friends Hiro Mashima style for fun. Here is the first one.

Why is this so true? People always forgot how Great and Badass of a character Lucy Heartfilia is 😏 (©️to the owner for the photo)

natsu’s reaction lucy’s reaction when lucy when natsu left left vs

“ThErE aRe LoTs 0f LucY aNd HaPpy MoMeNts wHeRe tHeY aRe bEiNg mEaN t0 eAcH oThEr AnD aBuSiVe” SHOULD I LAUGH? OR SHOULD I LAUGH REALLY REALLY HARD? 🤔 (©️pro.nalu for the photo on the right above)

The level of nonchalant that she has doing this is absolutely unbelievable XD I’m in love

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