It was at this point Mario knew... Kreyg.. had fucked up.

With graduation looming tomorrow; we want to make sure we recognize our athletes for all their hardwork and commitment this year. We appreciate, love and miss each one of you! .A.M.I.L.Y.

Welcome back to ***MeFriday Another concise toughie from the mind of David Astle “Rank ensemble audition (5)” HINT; answer = “Rank” (social not military) Please provide your answer and all working

Cursed with immortality by a reckless god, 4,000yo Amasis craves death. When he learns he’s one of five pawns in a deathmatch set by the gods, he has a choice: kill the pawns & be rewarded in the afterlife or stop the gods to save humanity and stay cursed forever.

Today is the 4th Anniversary of the death of Harambe. Although I don't believe the zookeepers had any other option given the circumstance, the echos of this needless killing are still heard today. RIP Harambe and Happy 21st Birthday for yesterday, you majestic being

Moving In Silence Is (REAL)❗️🤐🤫 .O.E

@*kit Friday this is what life should be

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