• I need to get out into nature more • . I've never worked so hard at my business than this year 😴 a lot of work = beautiful action shots like this thank you albie.and.ivy .

Omg.....this nengi pass insult Gan to prince oo you hear the nigga Kindly follow me imma follow back asap thanks

Preserve your mind. Avoid spending your time on trivial things and futile people.

If you're looking for adventure near Tokyo, you can be sure to find it with this list of day trips.

Did you know that Africa has the youngest population in the world with half of it being below 25 years old? Image credits:

Had a great weekend getaway! See places that you’ve never been. Explore and do something and face your Fear of heights 🙈

Why isn’t putting 4 in the 2021 ?

You know you’ve been in patrol awhile when you can hear a car coming a haf-block away and know it’s a squad before you even see it.

Angel Falls in Venezuela falls a spectacular 3,000 feet from its origin in the cliffs above.

Scaling new heights. The Rolex Explorer in Oystersteel, 39 mm case, black dial, Oyster bracelet.

The 2020 has been completely redesigned — inside, outside and under the hood. Click here to see our inventory!

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