"can you believe we crossed the world while its asleep?" ❤

So much for " Nothing makes sense in except in the light of ". Extending the logic, we are teaching 3 years of complete nonsense to our degree students

Remember when was announced and literally EVERYONE wanted Melina vs Sasha banks🔥🔥 Issa Destiny match for me🙌🏻

Human evolution is going from the obsessive need to get things to the joy of giving.

Australopithecine locomotion and the origins of bipedalism. Show me their feet, and I'll show you a mankey, half man half monkey.

diamond part in knuck if you buck had me go from don’t touch my hair to coming in the club and shaking dreads. then i came to my senses and now im just a crazy bald head 🙂

LOVES Volunteers~! Thanks Trump for you failed leadership.... is about to have its best year yet!

Speciation occurs when one group within a previous species stops mating with the the other.

I just finished reading "The Ape that Understood the Universe" (), one of the most enlightening & mind-blowing overviews of & human behaviour I've read in a long time! Worth being discovered for a lot more people! P. S.: The new cover is amazing!

Our research lies at the intersection between and . We aim at addressing the short-term evolutionary changes in populations, in ecologically-relevant scenarios, using as a model system (pictured below).

"cara-173-10-31-var.151" by Takuro Kuwabara #computergraphics#digital#art#artist#abstract#surreal#imagery#conceptual#scientific#cosmic#cosmos#cosmo#universe#infinite#travel#journey#time#space#mind#spirit#spiriual#world#liquidity#fluidity#mu#nothingness#heartsutra#

Interested in biogeography, speciation and community ecology? Have two PhD fellowships for five years in our brand new lab !! More details Please share

It’s funny thinking back on the first day I drove.. Two hands firmly gripping the steering wheel, eyes focused two feet in front of me...Fast forward to now, I use half my pinky finger or 10% of my kneecap, staring at birds n shit. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Paul Anderson talking about the mega plate Petri dish until a mutation shows up. Metaphor for COVID. How do we make science authentic when we’re not all together? Pretty cool.

Holotype of the lobopod Acinocricus stichus from the Cambrian Spence Shale of northern Utah. Collected by the Gunther Family. KUMIP 204353.

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