馃煚 Is the considering proscribing the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and Hezbollah in its entirety in order to deter the Regime from carrying out further attacks in ?

馃敶The regime has been carrying out terrorist operations in since 1979. Despite repeated warnings from their respective intelligence agencies, European countries have limited themselves 2issuing vague condemnations of the perpetrators, w/o doing much 2address the problem.

And so, the Federation of Europe edges one step closer. We're in a road to hell.

is sending 10 million masks to & the US. Mainland sends faulty equipment while the world fights a virus let loose by negligent officials. should rethink their allegiances when it comes to global health security.

Good morning dear friends 馃尫 Music The Final Countdown Have a pleasant day Pic Cake time

Democracy was effectively suspended in today. At any other time, this would be the biggest single news story in today.

Let's share some photos of today, to bring some good vibes to my friends across the pond. First- Italia!

Dear fellow Europeans. Allow me to apologize for our refusal to show with other countries. Our region is apparently in the grip of politicians who only think about themselves. Please forgive us!

The 2020-2021 mandate for the Advisory Council on in the Council of Europe has finally begun 馃嚜馃嚭馃専 Say hi to the 30 new members representing young people and youth organizations from local, national and international level from all over 馃摚

the situation is very sad. states do not help each other, but they also steal each other's masks. where is the european union where did the union remain?

Happy birthday Volt! We are proud to be present in馃嚚馃嚟with teams in Geneva, Zurich, Lugano and Basel. A movement of dreamers working hard for a better Europe 馃殌 Join us if you are interested in the future of 馃憠

NORWAY 馃嚦馃嚧 The glaciers, mountains, waterfalls, northern lights, midnight sun, fjords, and quiet national parks highlight 鈥檚 serene qualities 馃挆

One of the last remnants of the island's history as a colony, the iconic red , were painted yellow after the country's independence in 1960. Today, you can still find these iconic mail boxes across .

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