Trevi Fountain; January 17, 2020. To take photos of the fountain without the crowds we woke up at 4am... who would thought very soon it will be the new norm. Stay strong, stay healthy, wash your hands, we’ll be back ASAP

A Roman marble sculpture of a sleeping hermaphrodite. A mid-2nd century CE copy of mid-2nd century BCE bronze original from Asia Minor. (Palazzo Massimo, Rome).

A great (free) museum by Campo de Fiori filled with art (Egyptian, Etruscan, Greek, Roman) donated by noblemen and collector Giovanni Barracco in 1902. Museo Barracco is a must for any lover of antiquity

The Temple of Juno (Hera) at Agrigento, Sicily. Built between 450 and 440 BCE, the temple once had six columns on each facade and 13 along the long sides.

. . This is one of my favourite places in . People aren't allowed to enter, and it's always been a pain for me seeing it empy. Let's hope that we will be able to walk around the temples.

... Art you ready? Join us today also in the US and take part in the cultural heritage of ’s Ministry of Culture by sharing photos of your favorite Museums w/ Museums are closed but alive!

The Medici Villa La Petraia, near Florence, boasts richly decorated interiors and splendid frescoes. Read about the Medici Villas and gardens in , UNESCO sites 👉

From last May. So few people were there, plus free admission... Memories I will always treasure

? While Borghese Gallery is closed, the new website welcomes all of you every day. In the section "Artists and works", visitors can browse more than 500 works of art and read about their histories 👉🏼

My favorite heritage site in : Chiesa di , known as the Sistine Chapel of Milan with stunning art mostly by Bernardino & his sons. I can’t wait to visit it again! But for now, let’s

The head, hand and sphere (symbol of power) from the colossal bronze statue of Constantine I, 4th century CE (Capitoline Museums, Rome).

Celebrating the initiative by today March 29. Recently I was asked to film in the Gallerie degli Uffizi for an art crime documentary which was scheduled to debut at the Tribeca film festival. Not sure when the film will release now. 🥺

Celebrate initiative by today March 29 by posting your favorite “empty” shots of sites, museums, libraries, and more! Be sure to use the tags! & check out my IG story with lots of empties from past adventures!

The glorious mosaic ceiling of Battistero di San Giovanni, Florence. Like walking into the centre of a full jewel box.

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