Is your network overwhelmed by an oversubscribed VPN, bandwidth issues or sketchy remote application performance? VIAVI lends a hand with some troubleshooting tips:

Today's greatest accomplishment...popsicles! never tasted so good.

Many refugee and displaced children miss out on an education. The WRS is well-positioned to offer scalable, affordable, and certified education to vulnerable children worldwide.

Happening today at 12.30 PM UTC is our webinar on learning management systems and edutech apps. Register to receive the connection links:

schooX: Schoox is stoked to sponsor the Learning Guild's Online Conference! Tomorrow, our very own Matthew Brown is presenting a session on how to position L&D as a change agent during times of crisis. Sending thanks to the Learning Guild!

1) Why is not a democratic solution. It might be a solution for urban-elite but definitely not for the rural and non-elite students. households) Data - less than 15% of rural Indian households have Internet (as opposed to 42% urban Indian households)

How did Starbucks become an $80 billion business? 🤑 This activity has 8 questions that help assess Starbucks progress over time and is based on a video by CNBC 📽️ Video is also in the link 😁

new article: "Re-imagining ‘Learning Analytics’ … A Case For Starting Again?" - can be experienced as discriminatory, oppressive and ultimately disadvantaging across whole student populations ... so what to do?

Benefit from the experience other have already accumulated. Read our new article, To learn tips for creating a perfect e-learning website, Remember to read the seven stunning examples of how to make a great e-learning site.

To cancel your subscription, you need to “talk to an advisor”. To make you stay, you are offered a 50% discount - and if you don’t accept this - a 75% discount is offered on all subsequent months. Wondering how effective this technique is.

All /FCS offices will be closed Monday, May 25, 2020 in observance of Memorial Day. We will return to on Tuesday, May 26.

Online Study Tools (Useful for COVID-19 Remote Learning) | Brain Blast

Get started with e-Learning. 🛠️ To help employees get the skills they need, is offering free access to one course of your choice. Use the pass until June 30: 👇🏼

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