The gold mask , and the inner mummy-coffin of Tutankhamun at the Egyptian Museum. Cairo 馃嚜馃嚞 Pic from Facebook page.

In line to be processed into the system after I was arrested for spraypainting over racist ad subway 2012, I got talking w/fellow arrestee,told him riot police had broken my arms 2011. My arresting officer: We won鈥檛 break your arms Me: Amadou Diallo

Today in , President Sisi and Haftar (commander of the Libyan National Army, LNA) announced the initiative (under 鈥檚 auspices) to end the Libyan crisis and reach a peaceful settlement, resulting in 's strong return to the international community.

"Girls must be educated & empowered so that they don't need religious leaders or anyone telling them it's okay to have sovereignty over their own bodies. That's how how we create a safe space for girls to thrive." This one's for Amal馃檹馃徑

Reminds me of Christians protecting Muslim prayers in during the revolution...

Every revolution aims to create a place that has yet to exist. must know if we want to create a nation of 鈥渄ignity鈥 & 鈥渟ocial justice鈥 as our revolution demanded, we must rise up against anti-Blackness. The Black-led revolution in the US is an urgent call.

Racism is fatal in . In December 2005, riot police killed at least 23 unarmed Sudanese refugees, including small children, who had occupied a public park in front of a United Nations office for three months.

In 1990/1, when I still lived in , Spike Lee came to to film Malcolm X. I spent a couple of days on set, met Spike and talked to many involved with the film. A Black American man and a Sierra Leonean told me of racist attacks they鈥檇 been subjected to in Cairo.

So this is gonna be a thread about the Nubian Queens and kings from both and , hope U like it 鉁 I will try to draw one new picture everyday

has welcomed the recent agreement between , & to resume their negotiation over Grand Renaissance dam, Addis Ababa is building over the Blue Nile River.

we see looking out a one eye open the next one no.1 buy now iTunes amazon music

Papyrus columns at the temple of Luxor 馃嚜馃嚞 Pic from Facebook page.

Take a look at 's Tahrir Square after renovation. An Ancient Egyptian Obelisk was moved to the square and light system was installed.

Soon after I wrote this for the NYT, calling Trump the American Sisi (L), a pro-regime newspaper in 鈥減unished鈥 me by putting my picture on the front page under a banner headline that called me a 鈥渟ex activist鈥 (translation: whore). (R) I was living in .

I was a contributing oped writer for NYT 2014-2018. I wrote opeds for them while I lived in that personally endangered me with the regime. Last time I spoke w/opinion page editor Jim Bennet he asked me to stop saying 鈥淔uck鈥 on social media for the readers鈥 sake.

The construction works in The New City of El Alamein in The North Coast 馃挭

,, Beautiful memories are like old friends. They may not always be on your mind but they are forever in your heart.. ~ Susan Gale 鉂

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