Sometimes a photograph looks like a painting. In the beautiful country of , you get lots of photos that make you feel this way.

New poster/infographic! Harlequin Toads 馃惛 (Atelopus) of 馃嚜馃嚚. Download the poster for (English and Spanish versions) in high-res here, or help us fund the expeditions needed to find the 13 "lost" species by purchasing the framed version.

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of on Monday to protest against the government's handling of the economic turbulence caused by -19

Meanwhile... In They demand the departure of the President who reacts by repressing protesters

Unions, students, teachers, workers, and social organizations took to the streets in as others followed from home in several cities with a pot-banging protest

Up to 2,000 protesters marched in Quito against govt austerity measures since quarantine, incls: privatizing public companies,reducing labour hours & wages,paying IMF debt instead of investing in hospitals, 'liberating' gas prices that ultimately abolishes gas subsidies

From to and beyond. Protestors marched around the country rejecting a series of public cuts. Students, teachers, public workers, and so many more marched peacefully through 鈥檚 capital. Here are some of my pictures

Protests erupted across today. In hundreds took to the streets against massive cuts in public spending and layoff, including 鈥檚 delegation of presidential powers to secretaries of his cabinet

Battle of Pichincha Holiday in celebrates the final battle for independence, which took place on the slopes of the Pichincha volcano.

gov't says confirmed Covid-19 cases climbed to 37,355 with more than 3,200 deaths. Guayas Province (home to Guayaquil) and Pichincha Province (home to Quito) represent about three-fifths of confirmed cases. More than half of positive tests are people ages 20 to 49.

Today In History | May 24, 1981 | 馃嚜馃嚚 President Jaime Rold贸s died in a suspicious plane crash in Loja Province. John Perkins, a former U.S. economic advisor, argues that Rold贸s was assassinated. He makes the claim in his 2004 book, "Confessions of an Economic Hitman."

Happy International Day for Biological Diversity! This year's message 鈥淥ur solutions are in nature鈥 emphasizes hope, solidarity, and the importance of working together at all levels to build a future of life in harmony with nature.

鈽鈿狅笍 | ACTUALIZACI脫N de datos en 馃嚜馃嚚 3锔忊儯5锔忊儯8锔忊儯2锔忊儯8锔忊儯confirmados 4锔忊儯4锔忊儯2锔忊儯7锔忊儯9锔忊儯descartados 1锔忊儯0锔忊儯2锔忊儯1锔忊儯3锔忊儯alta epidemiol贸gica 3锔忊儯7锔忊儯0锔忊儯6锔忊儯alta hospitalaria 3锔忊儯5锔忊儯3锔忊儯6锔忊儯recuperados 3锔忊儯0锔忊儯5锔忊儯6锔忊儯fallecidos COVID 1锔忊儯8锔忊儯9锔忊儯2锔忊儯fallecidos probables Se han realizado 1锔忊儯0锔忊儯4锔忊儯3锔忊儯3锔忊儯0锔忊儯 pruebas

Grieving families protested on Wednesday outside the prosecutor's office in to demand justice over the missing bodies from their relatives who passed away after allegedly contracting -19.

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