In March 14, 2020, a camera was placed on the back of a falcon and was fired from the top of the Khalifa Tower and went looking for his coach, who was waiting in one of the fields. Enjoy what the falcon saw. Mashallah!

“When we come together as one, humanity knows no limits. Our promise still stands – connecting minds, creating the future.” A message from Her Excellency Reem Al Hashimy, Minister of State for International Cooperation and Director General, .

at night, city lockdown and drones sanitizing the city. Unreal.

For years we have fought against oppressors in the who are using torture and cruelty to subdue those who strive for freedom. Princess Latifa is no exception - since her kidnap she has not been seen or heard from. We are still asking: Where is she? |

A dear friend in has a son, a special child, tried everything to make things better for 28 yrs! And finally found a therapy in . 6 months in, the boy, I've seen for 12 yrs is able to communicate on philosophy, anti-matter, quantum physics - THIS IS a

No police, No Military, No Media just an order, this is Dubai for you!

STAY AT HOME - The highest building of the world said it in its own style, in many languages. This illustration is inspired by the World's tallest building in , Burj Khalifa when it lighted up with a message to combat coronavirus and made an appeal to 'stay at home'.

Radars flashing people in who are out after curfew. Wow. You go Dooobai!

Would have never thought that one day we will see Sheikh Zayed Road without cars. I remember making time lapse videos of this road from similiar angle couple of months ago. This used to be the most busiest intersection of SZR . Dear Allah, please help us 🙏

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