When you think music is over, a masterpiece comes out

NowPlaying - Dua Lipa ‘Future Nostalgia’ (2020) - Released 27MAR20 / UK Chart peak 01 - Dua Lipa pink vinyl played on top the Prince love symbol slipmat 💜🇬🇧

Strawberry Princess 🍓👑 inspired by dua lipa's pink hair. now i wanna create a fruit art series

Future Nostalgia is a very disco 80's kinda vibed album that makes me wanna dance. This is the Album of the Year.

🔝🔟ALBUMS🌎 Apple 1⃣D-2 2⃣WUNNA 3⃣FutureNostalgia 4⃣DarkLaneDemoTapes 5⃣FineLine 6⃣HighOffLife 7⃣NotesonaConditionalForm 8⃣AfterHours 9⃣WhenWeAllFall... 🔟Changes

🔝 🔟 ALBUMS ON W🌎RLDWIDE ITUNES 1⃣D-2 2⃣Notes on a Conditional Form 3⃣Dissimulation 4⃣Gold 5⃣Future Nostalgia 6⃣Legend 7⃣Agust D - Agust D 8⃣25 9⃣1 🔟After Hours

🌎🔝🔟 ALBUMS 1⃣GoodIntentions 2⃣DarkLaneDemoTapes 3⃣ItWasGoodUntilItWasn't 4⃣AfterHours 5⃣MyTurn 6⃣Gateway 7⃣FutureNostalgia 8⃣JustCauseY'allWaited 9⃣Hollywood'sBleeding 🔟WhenWeAll...

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