Where the heck is my dinner poppy???? This is unacceptable! You need to make this right...

Hiding in the shade this afternoon.... Sitting on the sofa with mummy watching TV! Need a break from the rays!

Don't get me wrong. I like the sun but I tend to get too warm if I stay in it for too long. I then have no choice but to go indoors and guard my toys (aka flip-flops). Are you an indoor or outdoor generation?😊🐾

So daddy wanted to cool me down But I was unsure and nervous about the paddling pool So daddy got in to encourage me in (with some apple) Ye... I still wasn't sure! This ain't like a river!

I’m stuffed! Poppy made a lovely roast chicken and eggplant parmigiana. I have no complaints. Don’t let it get to your head poppy!!

it’s 90 degrees here in michigan!! i’m more of a snow dog so this is intense! 🥵

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