My doggie’s wildest dreams came true! 🐶🤗 He hasn’t been home alone for 3 weeks! He is getting so much quality time with his ppl! He goes for very long walks daily!

What better time to get a new puppy and train him then when the whole family is in lockdown. Meet Walter.

I got my new Ted one year ago, so it’s his birthday today! I still have Legless Ted and Nearly Headless Ted, but Best Ted is my favourite! 😁😘🐾🧸❤️👍🏻

Welcome to Day 1 of April E-learning here are at the Roll house. My dog Spartacus is showing his level of motivation. Anyone else agree w/ him?!

Hi, I’m Pip 💛 I like going on walks with my mom and dad. My favorite game is fetch. I think I’m a lap dog and I’m super cute when I sleep.

Tonight I dreamt of a beautiful walk on a sandy beach. At least that explains the footprints I found in the cat litter box when I woke up.

My face when I'm told I can't have 2nd nap on the big bed with freshly washed comforter. Just how long does it take to wash and fold 3 weeks worth of clothes?💙

Just a dog enjoying the sun after a bath. Meanwhile mom is stinky & wet, she has no choice but to wait until I'm done sunning to shower💙

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