So dad took me a walk I found water.... I thought I was being good going for a swim... Then this happened! He has no consistency - I can't read this bloke!

Spotted a new resident 馃 couple at the pond on the walk. We're certain he's a different drake as he is smaller than the previous one & she is tiny!馃槏 He is very protective of her - it is so adorable! 馃グ

A walkie is not complete without a few (or many) hijacking beard accessories. Can anyone relate?

Mummy and Daddy took me to one of my favourite dipping ponds to plop into the water! You know the world is coming to an end when there hasn't been enough rain water in and the pond has dried out! The end is nigh!

Deep Thoughts..by Gertie the Bulldog Wouldn鈥檛 it be Great if we Could put ourselves in the Dryer for 10 minutes and Come out Wrinkle Free and two Sizes Smaller Love, Gertie the Bulldog 馃崺馃惥馃惗馃惥

Everyone, this is Frankie the pug! 馃惗 He loves food & making others laugh by being the incredibly cute goofball he is! 馃グ Say hello! 馃槂

My lil doggy had to get her eye removed last week. Tomorrow she gets the stitches out. Today she was running around full of joy and playing fetch. Zero fucks given. Dogs are literally the best.

This is the face of a NAUGHTY BOY , I ran out of the garden ,across the road to the graveyard a neighbour alerted Mam who came after me in flip flops wearing rubber gloves tsk I thought while she's busy and Dad's recuperating I'd walk myself 馃馃惥

Once upon a Time... There was a Little Queen named Gertie...Also Known As 鈥淟ittle Miss Amazing鈥... Love, Gertie the Bulldog 馃崺馃惥馃惗馃惥

Habin da best day everrrrr! Whut you fink mine new toys? Hapuppy 1st burfday to me! BBQ lunch pending! 鉂わ笍

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