We had yummy breakfast tacos for last night but now I want spaghetti for . 馃槼

() 銉汇兓銉 Dinner tonight was "Spaghetti" with sausage. For the noodles we used a spaghetti squash and tossed in some diced up zucchini. 馃馃崫. . Hit the spot right tonight. 馃い馃槏. .

Medium rare - well done. How you like it is how I cook it. Comments section will shit on you but F them. Do you.

I made a pie. I decorated it with pastry cats, but they鈥檝e all merged into the crust

Pizza Stuffed Chicken is an easy, five ingredient meal that the entire family will love. Chicken breasts are stuffed with mozzarella cheese and pepperoni, then topped with pizza sauce and baked in the oven. Recipe:

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