It’s the start of pride month 🏳️‍🌈. Be proud of who you are. Don’t let others determine who you are. Do what you do with pride. Am proud of who I am.

Made myself into a jedi!! Look forward to a star wars poster tomorrow!!

Needed some extra protection today. Been drinking more water

Filling up on some gas and no I dont mean my diaper. Enjoying the great outdoors!!

I’m a Diaper Pro! Aka: a professional who’s diapered. Obviously, I don’t mean that I’m a pro at wearing diapers, because that’d be silly, right? 😳

Posting an old favorite—I just love being a baby. I love it so much my Daddy and I are looking for a second daddy so we can turn me into a full 24/7 baby all day, every day. Who wants to help make me a total baby?

“Ha ha very funny guys, you can remove these handcuffs now... Guys? Wait where are you going?? Don’t leave me! D: “ Bigger pups left me stripped and padded in the woods, what meanies! 😢🐶😖

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