Had really fun at the park today with mommy! We did sandcastles and had fun at the swings too!! 😊❤️🍼

After lots of workies…… its finally time to relax, in the garden tanning. Upcoming summer project is gonna be a sandpit to play in🤭😁😁

It’s the start of pride month 🏳️‍🌈. Be proud of who you are. Don’t let others determine who you are. Do what you do with pride. Am proud of who I am.

This is the result of my battle with the sog monster overnight..... I lost 😔 xx

Well, there's only one diaper brand who offers XL Diapers for little boys like me Crinklz! Not a bad choice I think

Anyone remember Rogue Galaxy? Kisala literally has a tech where she farts on a rotty old gym sock and tosses it at the enemy for massive poison damage. You cannot convince me that this behavior is out-of-character.

Treated myself to some insane double diaps last night, and now I'm having a Really Hard Time waking up. Let me just pee my pants for five more minutes?

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