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not @ dai meng saying yu yan is a fool after going straight to the wrong room and chengxuan giggling about the whole ordeal 😂

I took a break from Apex and came back strong. Jesus take the wheel. I'm carrying randoms lmao I'm hitting diamond this season. I'm determined!

New Pokémon Diamond speedrun category confirmed: GreatMarsh%! One third of the prep for Safari Week done, Platinum and Emerald to go!

Bring Daimeng into top9 Bring Daimeng into top9 Bring Daimeng back to top9 Daimeng debut💎💎💎💎💎💎💎

Since YGE won't debut or promote them let me introduce you to the member of Diamond. A thread.

Another very good ATIS performance with and this time with ! Airport is 39NM away...😜👍 3rd floor but performance compares with dedicated airband D777 on the roof.

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