Had coconut something in Da Nang Vietnam. very nice taste, I love it !! but...my spoon is strange... please check that spoon.... “AJI-NO-MOTO” lol

My first time Vietjet flight ;) I hope not crash ;))) I’m gonna stay in Vietnam Da Nang till 28. let’s meet at Da Nang guys!!

Dragon Bridge in Da Nang is the longest bridge in Vietnam. This bridge is an iconic land mark in Da Nang, called Dragon Bridge. On weekends it spits fire and water. Great to see!

My Khe Beach is listed on the top 10 of the most favorite Asia-beaches in the world, reportedly announced by the Herald Sun Paper of Australia.

First dinner in Danang! Was a random place we picked out to get away from the heat, and we got lucky:D This place was really good!! Everything was delicious, cheap, loved their kitchenware, and the staff were all super friendly✨ A great start for our trip!!!

Chanmi's caption: I'm wearing a but I was teased because it isn't what you wear in club these days 😂 #DanangTrip#DanangClub#aoacream#danang Jaejin: Are you Korean or not Chanmi: I am Korean 😂😂

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