Had coconut something in Da Nang Vietnam. very nice taste, I love it !! but...my spoon is strange... please check that spoon.... “AJI-NO-MOTO” lol

Sheraton Brand Da Nang resort is a wonderful place for your honeymoon in this summer. You and your soul mate will experience the best memorable service. Visit us and take good deals.😎😎😎

Seafood lunch! Went to a spot where you can choose what you want from enormous tanks filled with all kinds of fish, and have them bbq or steam cook them for you:) Didn’t exactly get the pricing system so ended up paying more than planned, but was still worth it🎶

Having a go making much to the amusement of the ladies. Come try Da Nang's most famous dish on our Evening Food Tour! @ Da Nang, Vietnam

Amex tucking into the good stuff: savory pork rolls with fermented fish sauce. Don't fear the smell, and dip lightly at first. This stuff is a total flavor explosion and a Da Nang classic.

Keep calm and eat Mi Quang !!! (Quang Style noodle soup) ☀S-Vietnam Travel - Travelling more Loving more☀ 📞Tel.: 024 666 28 355 - Hotline: 0936 630 360 ✉ Email: [email protected]

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