Back to the 90s - 37 Daewoo Matiz Matiz would have easily surpassed other hatchbacks at that time, had not been a financial crisis hit the brand at a wrong time.. 🥺 Matiz was SUCH A WONDERFUL car & people here started loving it until the crisis hit!

Yeah a clean car!! It was almost black instead of grey😅🤭 • • • • #0.8power @ Autowasstraat van der Jagt en Willemse

Are you still young at heart? Relive your childhood with this modified Daewoo Matiz – a road legal version of the little Tykes ‘Cosy Coupe’! Would you drive this?! 😲

Yeah i got my deawoo matiz now a year in my possession! Love for my small car! Up till more years to come! • • • •

On Fire!! 👊🔥🔥Entry level have made a much improved look on the college .. top job gents.. proud of ya 👏👏👏

3/5 on by vikramrohto : The-all-time-Great-Daewoo-Matiz -

You no get sef, somebody work hard buy give in girl you dey insult am. May God forgive you

Nans little Matiz, those were the days - winding up and down the windows, manually reaching across to unlock the doors RIP :(

U.S. getting smallest Chevy ever built [Chevy Spark] http://blodic.us/131247826810

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