As I pass by empty store fronts I think about the retailers who send out a message in their storefront displays such as as an

James Mtete is my favourite go to personwhenever I am in . He is like the official of my beloved Ghetto. Unfortunately today we didn't have much time together but we had a quality time catching up on a number of issues including the

Curious about what's in the curator's corner? Swipe through to learn about one of the oldest flag's in North America!

I hope you are staying at home this weekend. Only 3 editions of 30 cm tall Black POPek are left at ------------------------------------------

We tried to collaborate with others for content but people are flaky. So we said FUCK IT, We'll buy our own equipment and create everything ourselves! -

Thank you so much to wonderful artist and for adding my music to her amazing playlist! 💗💗🙏🏼🙏🏼🎶🎶

Totally irrelevant news: I am two years, two months and two days digital collections at today

"What experience do you want potential customers to have when they walk into your store?"

Good morning, a small note on playlist soundplate submissions. Since rejection messages is not possible, I hope to reach out to some of you here instead! I love your submissions, keep them coming 🎹❤

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