IMPORTANT UPDATE for Hartlepool College of Further Education students undertaking a qualification(s) scheduled to complete by July 31st, 2020 >>

These graphics are the most condescending and patronising twaddle I’ve ever seen.

I’m sure lots of us are waiting for the despite most information seemingly issued by the press and other UK nations. Either way, we at will continue to do all it can for the welfare safety and education for students and staff.

Today 3 Contact samples of a+Ve case in Railways Colony have been detected Positive. The sampling of neighbourhood is being carried out.Area has been cordoned off & police pickets have been established. please 🙏🏾

from Tokyo. The numbers are continuing to go down: New cases today: 22 Total ever hospitalised: 4,868 In hospital (not serious): 2,518 On ventilators: 129 Total discharged: 2,170 Total deaths: 180 Deaths today: 0

Gov Pritzker refuses to answer why his wife is vacationing in Florida amidst the mandatory stay home order in Illinois. Calls the question reprehensible and inappropriate. 🤦🏻‍♂️🙄😑🤬 it’s just another day kids

Three patients have been discharged from our GH today. Total cases : 16 + 1 Discharged till now : 13 Active cases : 03 No new cases reported for the day.

▪️11,706 total patients cured (total recovery rate 27.52%) ▪️42,533 total confirmed cases so far ▪️29,453 cases under active medical supervision ▪️2553 new confirmed cases & 1074 patients cured in last 24 hours

Education CS George Magoha restates that schools will remain closed till June 4 and that the Government will review the situation before advising the public of the next step regarding the start of second term

No new positive cases for as on date 27/04/20. Total cases : 16 Discharged : 05

72 new cases reported in Pune on . All cases from limits. 0 cases from and limits. 5 deaths.

Colorado, Minnesota & Montana plan to ease social distancing and stay-at-home restrictions. Iowa will allow elective surgeries to resume & farmers markets to reopen starting Monday. Tennessee restaurants & retail can reopen at 50% capacity on Wednesday

I wish i hadn't seen the video of the state of things in Equador😭😭😭😭 my morning is ruined. What is happening in Equador is how things will be for us if we continue thinking breaking lockdown rules is cute😭. Corpes abandoned on the side of the road

: my parents, exposed to my positive NP brother, are headed to ER w fever/cough 😕 Thankfully, my brother is feeling better now...aside from the stress over parents Ongoing prayers are appreciated!

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