While measuring the impact of coronavirus pandemic it has been seen that there are 7.3 cases per Lakh population in India which is comparatively much less than other countries. It is because of bold decision taken by PM for immediate lockdown.

Social distance one way or another lol RT : Mask-wearing Staten Island shoppers drive a no-mask woman out of a Shoprite. 💀

| 48 new cases of +. 16 Karimganj, 8 Lakhimpur, 8 Ghy Qrnt, 5 Cachar, 4 Hailakandi, 3 South Salmara, 2 Nalbari, 1 each Morigaon / Goalpara ↗️Total cases 514 ↗️Recovered 62 ↗️Active cases…

This article discusses 's provision of free social distancing media and artwork for use during the pandemic and the transition back to the reopening business.

Congratulations on your new role!! Hopefully you have been [email protected] and and Dr. Bruce Patterson's paper on the pathogenesis of as he has demonstrated consistently that it is a RANTES/CCL5 disease.

Current testing and how it will impact the effort to The CMO from discusses the tests available and in this 7 minute

So tired of reading articles that project vaccine could be ready in a few months or a year without the key proviso that that doesn't mean you or I will be vaccinated on that timeline. Making/deploying vaccine for whole countries, let alone the world, is gonna take time.

This country has gone full Presidential without the checks & balances of a written constitution when a SPAD has his own press conference answering questions on his compliance with lockdown restrictions. Not a trend healthy for democracy but fairly predictable postBrexit!

I will be on Webinar Series themed; Balancing the Tripod of Pandemics: The Role of Govt, NGOs and Research Organizations. The webinar is scheduled to hold on on Wednesday-27th May, 2020 by 2:00pm GMT Reg Link:… VIA

How about reporting that Weston General Hospital closed due to an influx of patients?

Over 2 months of time spend in lockdown by . Still no Co-ordination to tackle between centre ,and state . Stop this politics, Do needful thing and handle issues of migrant workers.

The Face is a major transport system for . Use mask and avoid touching the mouth, nose and eye. We can win this battle together. For more information please call 08001235678

testing via drive-up or . There are virtual visits available and it can all be scheduled online!

Covid-19 Rx: Your task is to gather data, develop a differential diagnosis, order additional diagnostic tests, and treat the patient. . (Note: Optimized for desktop PCs and most tablets.)

Rising numbers of patients have just forced overwhelmed Weston A&E to close. This is precisely why Cummings’ rule-breaking and ’s endorsement of it are so utterly, inexcusably wrong.

During conflict, mistrust and scant resources are common. The spread of can easily trigger additional violence in the fight for survival. Including women in ceasefire efforts will strengthen any fragile peace.

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