Hi thank you for being on the frontline of curbing in 🇳🇬. Testing is vital to save lives. You only have 5 testing and treatment centres in the south west. Please urgently increase this to all states to ensure everyone has access to proper health.

Nurses hold newborn babies wearing protective face shields during the outbreak at the Praram 9 hospital in Bangkok, Thailand | via Athit Perawongmetha,

Is Jake Tapper really this uneducated? India is on the verge. So is the So. Amer continent. Then comes the African continent. We will see marginal testing in those places. Then a staggering death count, to answer Tapper's query

Appreciated on today - 's interview with Rabbi Steven Schwarzman of 's Beth Shalom Synagogue on how connects the Jewish community through pandemic (5:55 mins)

Important: Trump claims he couldn’t have anticipated because China lied about it. But most US presidents presume that foreign adversaries lie and hide facts. Trump has a dangerous pattern of believing whatever authoritarian leaders say regardless of US intelligence.

‼️ bungled the rollout of testing & allowed the to spread undetected for MONTHS. Many thousands of Americans will die in this 1st wave of infections—the 2nd wave will be even more deadly. Yet Trump says we don’t need nationwide testing.🤬

TEXAS UPDATE: Today, a federal judge blocked 's order against abortion care. Abortion providers in Texas can resume medication abortions and abortion procedures for patients who would otherwise be unable to access abortion due to gestational age cut-offs.

Expanded Coverage from provides quick information on their expanded COVID-19 coverage: waiving customer out-of-pocket costs for COVID-19-related treatment through May 31, 2020

What the Hell are Karen Pence and Ivanka Trump doing on a conference call with Mental Health Professionals? They were not elected and have zero expertise in this area. Stop gaslighting us.

At the present rate that the US government is providing testing for (an amount which Trump and Pence are bragging profusely), it would take 3,305 days to test every American — that's 9 years 20 days. Resign, Trump.

If NJ will we must include ALL families in Relief. Include immigrants now

Trump reads his statements at his presser a monotoned bored voice — even words that are meant to be read with emotion and specifically, with empathy. This is because he has NO EMPATHY. None. Zero. Trump is a Sociopath/Psychopath.

Yes! just said "we are waiting for the experts to start answering questions, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx." I love that has stopped airing that clowns clownshow.

Please give us the facts, in absence of data people will speculate and this leads to misinformation. We need you to protect us from unnecessary visitors to our country, meet your testing goals and copy Taiwan and NZ.

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