Never before in history has one country attacked all other countries. just did that by taking steps its leaders had to know would spread the to all parts of planet.

How is the selecting the order in which U.S. citizens are scheduled for return flights to the USA? My original return flight that was canceled due to was scheduled to depart Lima March 16 at 10:50 PM.

Just watching this on saying scientific evidence and available data does not suggest that will die in summers. Hence the theory that the virus will die in summers is incorrect.

VIDEO - The President wasn't distracted. He just didn't care. had time for rallies and golf - but not enough time to respond to . Because he just didn't care. Distracted via

Trump brags about the US's testing, yet the US has only tested 0.71% (just 7/10 of 1%) of its population. This is happening as the US government will end funding for coronavirus testing sites this tomorrow — AND the country has not even peaked yet. WTF?!

Because he is still letting planes from China land in Canada! Did he mention that. Why stay home if these people are wondering around keeping the virus alive.

Looking for something fun to do? Try this dating app called "Quarantine Together". Get matched and raise money to provide frontline healthcare workers 👩‍⚕️ with masks 😷 App website:

Thank you to our brave NHS heroes and all of our critical workers for all you are doing to fight .

Allah heals all the sick of the world We are all in the world one hand against the epidemic stay more at home Wearing a mask Hand sanitizing Hand washing Leave a distance

Thank you Mr. President for giving people inspiration and hope during this horrible crucible of sickness and death, while the petulant manchild in the WH boasts about the TV ratings of his briefings. People are dying and we need leadership, not a game show host.

🛡️ The COVID 20/20 Shield is designed to save lives; helping to stop the spread of the virus to everyone! Thanks to in joining forces to protect their Front Line Staff and Customers! Get yours today! Link in bio. 🖱️ . .

NBC Washington’s Shomari Stone Reports: Miriam’s Kitchen Provides Food for DC Homeless Community.

The best by leadership is coming from . We should all be listening.

Can somebody...anybody please show me a video of a hospital in (AMERICA) that is like a “war zone” from the ? There’s thousands of videos out there of empty hospitals. Anyone else find this odd or is it just me?

What can we expect from a married monster who had unprotected sex with other women? If he won’t protect himself from disease, no wonder he won’t protect a nation from

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