Time for MPs LORDS Do right thing Min 20% PayCut RT : We can slow the spread of by washing our hands more often 🧼🖐 Wash your hands for 20 seconds when you…

presses Alok Sharma on whether he agrees with the prime minister's comments that care homes did not follow the correct procedure during . The business secretary says "no one can doubt" Boris Johnson's support for the care sector.

Sundy Times: covid19s footprint in 2013 at Wuhan Laboratory.

Has apologized to all those loony lemmings who attended his rallies and are now testing positive for ? I mean sure the events were only at 20% capacity, but he convinced them this was a hoax that would simply disappear.

राम राम जी 🙏 in my building because inhabitants never followed precautions. I don’t criticise M community but also educated people belonging to H community. I try to put forth FACTS.

This is Condition at Warangal Gandhi Hospital, shared by the patients there - No one to attend the patients - No treatment is being given - No oxygen being given even after requesting - Toilets are worst conditions

I have been getting assurance from yesterday, just not the product. I tried asking about safety protocols being followed, I get delivery assurance from your team. If you are promising delivery atleast provide that

Do it the ‘Mahi Way’ - Stay ‘Not Out’, Stay Cool & Stump Happy Birthday, Captain Cool.

has done 1 Cr tests.. We have approx. 7 Lakh cases.. 7% Test Positivity Ratio.. Guideline is around 5%.. If can increase the testing to 300K per day from the current 240K per day, it would be great..

One company president pleaded guilty to fraud. The next was sued for fraud, and agreed to pay a large settlement. Facebook took down their ads. Then the company got a $780,680 gov't loan. Its chief stockholder? Brad Parsale.

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