Working on , , & today. Pictured here: Superman, Butterfly, & Plank 📸 🧘‍♀️ 💪

Band Pallof Press 💪💯🔥 Anti-Rotation movement to add at home

One guy from the enemy team was talking shit to me and two of my friends in the lobby so we had to murder them, and we won 😂 I hate those kind of people, like it’s just a game, have fun with it 🤷🏻‍♀️

What do you call cities and buildings reclaimed by nature? Cause that is my JAM

Been getting quite into Barre (ballet) online classes for some reason. And you can take the mickey once you’ve tried a few.. 🥵

Development for has started. We are working with developers acquired from GXX to bring you a new experience greater than before. Stay tuned!

Only way to counter is to go back to the original preamble, then repeal Art 25, 29, 30. Then .

excellent Sean Penn talk on firing line ..get me to a test

Competition Optics Ready Equipped! This Smith & Wesson® Performance Center® M&P®9 M2.0™ Pro Series® is ready for competition or EDC.

Great work from our CORE team in Reepham near Norwich - the good weather is certainly helping us to make fantastic progress on site!

Tried out the water bottle challenge today! Many attempts later..... I did it!

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