: "Why you always chasing women?" : "I'll tell you as soon as I catch one." released 30th May 1947

I was here 6 days ago as the high tide made it over the hump into the lagoon. Amazing what a few waves and a slight gradient can achieve

This small is between and the area. It has a small play area but it looked rather sketchy in the . We used it as a shortcut to get to the area.

Bazza! 🎤 "Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl..." The best password in the history of passwords.... Thanks !

I only went to once, when I first moved to NYC. I had a lot of fun and vowed to return. I never made it back. Reading this made me sad.

Thankyou for and the comic genius that was was brilliant too - she was short, not that goodlooking or talented and by sheer personality made herself a household name. Well worth watching.

Love this! Reminds me of when I taught Scarlet , and Rabbit by &dave. 🥰

Goodbye Hopefully we'll see you again!🎶 Please support local businesses by purchasing gift cards during this very odd time💜

Copacabana Cheers Ken.... Shocking questions Poor girl , 3 points .... My sympathy. Regards.

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