Yes. Please let the crazy people burn everything down & steal. But only in Toronto. Deal?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE PASTE TO MY COPY!! I LOVE YOU ALWAYSSS 馃槝馃槝 let's have unli wings again soon (+ alcohol hehe para 馃槑)

Man, if these come out as a prints, I'm suddenly going to be very poor... On the upside, my office wall is going to look great 馃槑

Ditch the sugar-laden unhealthy beverages and make way for these healthier refreshments that will not only keep you but will also enhance overall health. Know More:

JINNY'S PROFILE CARD HOBBIES: Playing with cats, touching the elbows of the person beside her SPECIALTIES: Rap, writing & composing, impersonating NICKNAME: Park Old Man, Big Bird BUCKETLIST: Live in a pink palace, concert HASHTAGS THAT DESCRIBES HER:

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