Wouldn鈥檛 it be cool if acknowledged the root cause of these protests? Maybe even used his power and vow to do everything he could to protect our black citizens? That would be

We love our queer and gay and trans and NB and ace and lesbian and pan and straight and cis fans 馃檹 stay funky this y'all are all

Yes. Please let the crazy people burn everything down & steal. But only in Toronto. Deal?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE PASTE TO MY COPY!! I LOVE YOU ALWAYSSS 馃槝馃槝 let's have unli wings again soon (+ alcohol hehe para 馃槑)

Man, if these come out as a prints, I'm suddenly going to be very poor... On the upside, my office wall is going to look great 馃槑

Ditch the sugar-laden unhealthy beverages and make way for these healthier refreshments that will not only keep you but will also enhance overall health. Know More:

JINNY'S PROFILE CARD HOBBIES: Playing with cats, touching the elbows of the person beside her SPECIALTIES: Rap, writing & composing, impersonating NICKNAME: Park Old Man, Big Bird BUCKETLIST: Live in a pink palace, concert HASHTAGS THAT DESCRIBES HER:

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