Added a few more $1 pickups to fill in my Spawn run. First 50 issues done!

IDW's 2019 adaptation of The Island Of Dr. Moreau is a fantastic yarn of pure condensed into just two issues. I read it today after revisiting Wells' novel not so long ago, and it was glorious. Feast your eyes on some of Gabriel Rodriguez's nightmarish images.

The final for one of my other classes: Safekeeping, about a park ranger who finds a necklace with a strange origin. (1/3)

Without a doubt one of my greatest comics purchases ever. OG Love and Rockets #1. Unread and uncirculated direct from Beto's garage.

Ive been looking for this 1994 manga by Tetsuro ueyama for a long time. Its my holy grail...

remember to take breaks from your physical forms every now and then

i have the opposite of a foot fetish. i see a feet and my whole body recoils and i become physically ill

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