🚨 – From 1 hour ago: Protesters trying to storm the State house in downtown , Ohio.

BREAKING: protestors are attemptibg to breech the Ohio House building in .

More people need to know that the City of , Ohio is under attack. And it’s really bad!

Today, while standing, i was maced by 5 officers. Not harmful. Not causing any injustice other than standing with the beautiful people of . We made an impact tonight without a doubt.

Please forgive me. The people who violently destroy buildings, break the windows, and illegally enter the premises, including the Ohio Statehouse in — are NOT protestors. They are criminals. And they should be arrested. Each and every single person involved.

If peaceful protesting worked, the problems we have today would have been solved in the 1960's.

Columbus PLEASE be careful! CPD just said they’re monitoring twitter and it seems they are currently in pursuit of people near Easton and Polaris. They said Pickerington PD we’re monitoring twitter. Listen here: #1312

My nigga fightin the feds but HE IS NOT FINISHED

State house stormed in downtown Columbus Ohio. I got tear gassed there were shots fired and we were met with tons of tear gas before the crowd had enough. no justice no peace

The building being set on fire in this video is the Ohio Theatre, a certified National Historic Landmark and a venue that brings Broadway level acts to a city in the Midwest. Again, if this is your idea of progress... cool.

This is a land where we protest for justice against the ones that are suppose to “serve” and “protect” and we get maced and shot with wooden bullets when we stand our ground. Fuck every single one of you fucks out there... it’s you vs. the people.

On the evening of May 28, 2020 and into the early hours of May 29th in , Ohio, we marched for the countless Black Lives that are continually taken from us at the bloody hands of police across this nation and across the world.

Hmm ... I don’t remember seeing riot cops when armed protestors were at the statehouse demanding reopening??

11:36pm . Protestors tried getting into the State Building. FB Screen Record Video from

CPD has used gas, mace and rubber bullets against peaceful protesters. Now they have them trapped on all sides despite telling people to disperse. They are doing all they can to make it look like it was the protesters who started the violence.

Staring down the nozzles of pepper spray, hundreds of protesters — Ohio State students included — chanted, “I can’t breathe” at Police Thursday night while gathering downtown following the death of in Minneapolis police custody.


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