Stunning retro handmade Here are the works of Katie Collins, photographer & collage , who was diagnosed with in February 2015 at the age of 35. helps her relax & her website has more wonders:

Just things. I got a birthday commission that I'm super stoked about😊😊😊

ஜ═══════ஜ°★°ஜ═══════ஜ ::Dr2 TRIGGER WARNING SPOILER:: ஜ═══════ஜ°★°ஜ═══════ஜ

created from bits of wallpaper saved from past n previous homes for for Home topic of my front door n my cat on the path. Used wallpaper for artwork before but never one entirely from it. Found it very therapeutic and immersive.

Finding the intricacies of make my these small maquettes really meditative. The slow considerations of balance and placement. The cool, dry tactility of the paper & fragility of structure. . Maquette for Future Sculpture VIII (2020) Digital Print, Card

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