What a cool public project/idea - a crowd funded pedestrian bridge in Rotterdam. I wonder if American cities can get behind something like that.

Trying to list out a foreign city I've visited for every letter of the alphabet. Having to stretch the rules a bit for some letters. Feel like I must have forgotten some along the way...

Tempers are running short as green spaces are becoming increasingly congested amid the l

IKEA is eliminating all car parks from its latest store in Austria.

That moment when you open your email Inbox to discover that the Journal of Urban Cultural Studies has accepted the article you submitted - "Sensing the (Media) City" - with minor revisions only!

We need to focus on the safety of the community in rural areas where there is know access to the daily news about the corona across the country we don't need to focus on the only

that 53% of the energy in 🇫🇮 is produced by burning coal? As are in an unique position to develop sustainable solutions 🌱, Helsinki is now aiming to become a pioneer in carbon neutrality by 2035. Learn how👉

The largest city in sub-Saharan Africa, with an estimated 20 million population, has been transformed by a week-long shutdown of public life imposed as part of efforts to stem the spread of l

We made test kits available to , , , direct from mfr in bulk numbers. Same for N95 Masks + Face Shields, other PPE. Will be adding more constantly as we verify their certificates. We are in this together.

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