OMG...it just hit me...one of the biggest (read profitable) days for Church Collection plates is and Easter services during these Holidays. I am sure these pastors never gave that reality a thought in deciding to keep their doors open.

I Just Want Take A Quick Opportunity To Say "THANK YOU", As I Ran A Tracker Page On Facebook Between 2010 & 2018, I Decided To Delete FB & Come Onto Twitter. Thank You For The Continuing Support. & I Hope You'll Continue Supporting Me Every Christmas ~ STEVIE

I'll Be Doing The The Stuff Again On 24th December, Who'll Be Joining Me This Year Again On Thursday 24th December?

267 days until . Who鈥檚 starting their Christmas lists already?

268 days until . This feels like the week between Christmas and New Years where everyone is home in sweatpants and we lose track of the days.

"Solution for the Christmas binge: Fast 45 hours, visit the gym during the fast, and you are done." - Nassim Taleb

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