Type A, B, C, or D below if you’re ready! These will be pre-recorded classes so any level can hit that rewind and pause button. Hope you’re ready!

Cuando uno se aburre se pone hacer locuras...but a. DANCING is life and b...Bad Bunny's new album is fire and c.what better cardio can you do?

So I challenged myself to do a 30 min catch up a choreography by 💪🏻🔥 and it was hella hard. I finish the unfinished product around 26mins (nag timer ko haha). So mao nani ang output 🥺 dont judgee me huhu I know daghan kaayo labog huhu

Sports or Dance? In this exclusive work, Hemant Rathor choreographed a performance to highlight the importance of games. Full video coming soon on Craqit.

Here’s the plan: large carts, start in dry goods, aisles 5-7. Our smaller double-decker carts, start in Produce and shop towards Express. Please respect 6’ of space & don’t crowd people restocking.

This amazing presentation using the stimulus of a tornado, I love the costumes so much!

City Life choreography with backing dancers being passers by and two quartets as the main feature as they struggle to get to work in New York

today’s practice cut. choreographed by Franklin Yu

Are you a choreographer? Ask about the REWARDS you can earn by going FULL OUT this season!! Email Kimmie at [email protected] or DM here.

Kpop idol NCT dance cover NCT U - Baby don't stop & the 7th sense by Hangyeom of Seven O'clock If you like this video visit and Follow

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