No one can deny, these are tough times. Don't forget, these sneaky little fuckers are continously trying to push their narrative and create divisions within their detractors. Don't let them!

has already shown you that could never be trusted dare betray HK,why they would do the same on you someday?

She is luckier when compared with them Speaking truth is not acceptable to

Please impose against the expansion of . Otherwise, the next one will probably be German.

Chinese communist party insult Australia. CCP is a Cancer in the world.

I'd like to know what's the consequences will be... Is China going to give Chinese nationality to every Briton? Or make Huawei out of UK? China warns 'there WILL be consequences' if Boris allows Hong Kong citizens to relocate

Chinese-built Sigiri Bridge in Busia County, Kenya collapsed before it was completed. Not only be aware of made in China, but also aware of anything made by china馃き Never trust China.

Of coz it would not over Because tyranny is still here and has just repeated during Let's see how they treat

China 馃嚚馃嚦 exported both and Communist Political Virus to the world. I have faith in US people, they will find the way out. While I will never believe in Communist Party, as they are truly evil and infiltrating the world, killed countless people.

1/Whilst the world now knows a man named George Floyd, many of these HK people are not known to the world. Thousands suffered severe police brutality n deaths n till today has Zero HK police accountability. HKgers Lives Matter as well ; 鈥 HK Can鈥檛 Live鈥

Why is worse than nazi? Why we called as the successor of Hitler?

Remember all these violent attacks by the pro china? not so many r justified or even caught yet

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