Tails 2020-05-07. B-151, McDonnell Douglas MD11, China Airlines, at Amsterdam Schipol, 5th November 1993.

Hundreds of thousands of face masks arrived at the Luxembourg Airport with 🇹🇼Taiwan's national carrier 🛬on April 9. Together we can fight !

I'll mix it up for this set with doubles, sunset lighting on the North Shore mountains, and Dynasty 32 with the Taiwan Blue Magpie livery.

🇹🇼 Italy is the only European country with a ban for flights to - and forced to cancel all flight (one in Rome one in Milan) cause is of course a province of PRC - That's why pointing on policy is essential

Not perfect clarity, but i like the effect. double beacon. 🌸 Airbus A350 arrival from Taipei - Taiwan.

, the flag carrier of , was founded on December 12, 1959, by retired Chinese Air Force officers. service to San Francisco began in 1970 with the acquisition of the 707 jetliner. Have you ever flown on China Airlines?

One of the most elegant A350s in the skies? There's a chance I might finally get to fly with next year! Heard good things about them! – at Vancouver International Airport (YVR)

Riding in car. See large cargo plane. Realize it is on my need-to-get list. Scream. Leap out of car. Sprint into house. Dump bag to get at camera. Run out back door. Just barely manage to snap this.

China Airlines' A350 in the amazing Carbon Fibre livery landing at Sydney Airport last night.

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