So tragic. A man in his 20s died in his flat. His 2 were trapped inside but are now with Paula @AnimalAidCharity. I hope that wherever he is now, this guy can rest in peace knowing that his cats, with him in his final moments, are safe & loved now. 👨🐈

Funny Tweet among some sad ones. Brief grumpy exchange between species or debating ? and have a few words.

You know you're a crazy woman when…You think it's normal to have 2 dozen lint brushes.

I 💃🏿 was caught in the act. Dad had left cream on his plate after having strawberry 🍓 cake 🍰 with cream tonight. Valli 🦁 (in the back) obviously disapproves my action.

With everything going on I think we all can use . I have been feeding this stray for about 2 years now and today she decided to adopt me. Help me name her.😽

This , I'd like to present ... ... well, I don't know her name. I call her Jezebel. She lives somewhere near me. My fancies her, but she just hisses at him. Whenever I go out, she comes over and gives me a kiss. To spite him.

The little furball next to me is my 1 year old sister Marlowe! Being an is hard, even as the new addition to the house I have to show her how to properly .

Cosmo 8 1/2 year old Russian Blue/White Tuxedo mix- the perfect for someone looking for a constant companion/friend. Wherever you are, is where he will want to be! Loves affection. Cosmo is super friendly & cuddly. contact Allyson: 801.717.7250 [email protected]

Hey I'm Thirsty Too, Be Fair and Share :)

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