We are stoked to be a part of such a great neighborhood, spreading the love. Best comment from young hip passersby: "yo, these bikes make me want to have kids" 😹 If you're ever back in town, come visit!

What a burly load! We're always impressed by what you can fit on the back of an Xtracycle. Nice haul, biketalktuesday!

Another delivery round by for the , and Shaun insisted on a diversion to say hi to his 🐏 chums!

Another thing that fits into the big-ass bike basket (BABB) - Snicket and her travellin’ house... //

“We figured this would be our gym/therapy/outside time/and kid entertainment this summer, all in one!” Couldn’t have said it better ❤️ Hey do you need a ? Book a free test ride appointment, link in our profile!

A few sets of wood planks for the new compost bins. No problem in the canopy. – at Reinigingsdienst

I left my with party lights going in the middle of the street for an hour just because I could.

It's another lovely day for deliveries in 😀 but thankfully a shorter route today than Tuesdays 10 mile mega round 🤣

Bittersweet moment! After 4.5 years and 7,828 miles, our Yuba has found a new owner. They have two small kids so will get lots of love for years to come.

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