Posted up on my of course! I would give y’all some deep but “This fish bout to hit the spot..” 😋 was the only thing I was thinking lol 😂!

When Marcus had agreed to model his girlfriend's fashion project he'd expected a few neck down shots to show off the dress, he certainly hadn't planned on being turned into a mannequin and set up in a shop window for what was it? Six months?

Make sure you your so your audience doesn’t miss anything with the sound off or on.

contest? "Mom. Dad. Let me explain this." (copyright Howard Berman/Getty Images)

In pic A little champ with a Toy Gun at the residence of This pic speaks alot No need of

oru 🤘 We like but not such fans with posionous statements like “This met a deserved one” 😆 Thanks to for deleting the post but hasnt so this is for such ppl who wants to climb on others.

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