We Might Finally Understand Why Glass Frogs Have Strangely Transparent Skin

Isn't nature just amazing? The Kallima inachus, the orange oakleaf, Indian oakleaf or dead leaf, is a nymphalid found in Tropical Asia. With wings closed, it closely resembles a dry leaf with dark veins and is a spectacular and commonly cited example of .

Lissy was using Harry Potter's cloak again and made me searching for her the whole day. 馃槇 Dear ., the cloak was really a bad idea of yours. 馃槣

Young giraffe blending so beautifully with the surrounding grass caught by Steph Botha

This week are learning about how animals use . Anahi did a wonderful job helping a moth hide on a tree stump. Can you find the animals in the other pictures?

The sniper is here! Can you see his helmet? Move to the left and you can also see his webbing

Amazing of a in the . The has a thick coat of which coloured is a smoky grey, which gives great amoungst the mountainous . Conservation status .

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